Twenty five years of innovation and music

For 25 years Ensemble Caprice has been known for the innovative spirit it breaths into baroque repertoire. In addition to their concerts in Montreal, the orchestra undertakes several tours every year – an impressive accomplishment, with dozens of concerts given in Quebec, Canada, USA, Europe, and Asia.


Our January 18, 2014 Juditha triumphans concert, presented in collaboration with the Arte Musica Foundation, has been voted “Concert of the Year” – in the category which includes medieval, renaissance, baroque and classical music. We would like to acknowledge the excellent work of the 18 musicians of the orchestra, the 10 singers of the chorus and the outstanding soloists: Hélène Brunet (soprano), Samantha Louis-Jean (soprano), Maude Brunet (mezzo soprano) and Charlotte Cumberbirch (mezzo soprano). This concert, under the direction of Matthias Maute, closed the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ Splendore a Venezia exhibition.

Rehearsal Metropolitan Museum - Ensemble Caprice

On January 29th, the Ensemble was invited to perform at New York’s prestigious Metropolitan Museum. Our Turning Music into Gold program was presented in conjunction with the superb exposition of paintings by Bartholmeus Spranger. This concert was an evocation of the artistic splendor which flourished in Prague at the court of Emperor Rudolf II, a great patron of the arts.

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Ensemble Caprice – Anonyme, Iag Bari

30.1 Ensemble Caprice – Anon: Iag Bari from noncerto on Vimeo.

Find Claude Deschênes’ review of the concert in collaboration between Ensemble Caprice with the Dave St-Pierre dance company on his blog: “La salle était pleine. Un bon coup de la part de l’ Ensemble Caprice qu’on a juste envie de revoir.” read the full review

Karina et Philippe en duo

The Gazette’s Music critic, Lev Bratishenko, described Ensemble Caprice’s 25th anniversary concert, performed in collaboration with the Dave St-Pierre dance company in the following words:
“It was an unforgettable evening, the kind that leaves you contemplating large questions and wondering why so few performances do.”
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