Ensemble Caprice’s recording entitled Chaconne – Voices of Eternity was selected by WCRB Boston’s Chris Ross as the CD of the Year!

“Without a doubt my favorite album of 2016 is Ensemble Caprice’s Chaconne: Voices of Eternity, our first CD of the Week of 2016. I loved this album firstly because of the vivid, electric vibrancy with which Ensemble Caprice plays, and which they bring to every note on the album…”
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The Effervescence and Melancholy concert, presented by Ensemble Caprice in collaboration with Theatre of Early Music, which began our 2015-2016 Season, has been nominated for an Opus Prize.
Effervescence and Melancholy on noncerto:
Vivaldi: In exitu Israel
Vivaldi: Concerto RV 107 Allegro
Haendel: Funeral Anthems Chorus

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Ensemble Caprice was privileged to be able to perform in several magnificent concert halls. The first of these was Lautligen Castle, the former residence of the Stauffenberg brothers, Berthold and Klaus, who were instrumental in planning the assassination attempt against Hitler in 1944. Caprice then went on to give a performance near Lake Constance, and another in Stuttgart’s legendary medieval Veitskappelle, which miraculously survived the bombings during the second World War.

Here is what the critics wrote about our performances:

The large audience who came to hear Ensemble Caprice’s Stauffenberg Castle concert in Lautlingen were highly enthusiastic after the performance. Indeed, baroque music interpreted in authentic baroque style is not something to be considered as merely a dusty museum piece; it is music replete with spirit, diversity and humour.”

The audience was so enthusiastic after having been led on this spirited baroque-era voyage that they wouldn’t stop applauding. They only agreed to leave the church, with radiant faces, after the Ensemble had agreed to play two encores. “

With the support of the Foundation of Greater Montreal, Ensemble Caprice is among the organisations having been chosen to be part of “ALLIANCE – 150.” This is the body in charge of overseeing events on a nationwide scale for the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Federation. Caprice will perform its Carrefour Métis concert.