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Find Claude Deschênes’ review of the concert in collaboration between Ensemble Caprice with the Dave St-Pierre dance company on his blog: “La salle était pleine. Un bon coup de la part de l’ Ensemble Caprice qu’on a juste envie de revoir.” read the full review

The Gazette’s Music critic, Lev Bratishenko, described Ensemble Caprice’s 25th anniversary concert, performed in collaboration with the Dave St-Pierre dance company in the following words: “It was an unforgettable evening, the kind that leaves you contemplating large questions and wondering why so few performances do.” read the whole review

Don’t miss seeing Ensemble Caprice and the Dave St-Pierre Dance Company on the Formule Diaz program, which was on air on January 14th on Télé-Québec. It will show exclusive footage of the musicians working with Dave St-Pierre’s dancers. dave-st-pierre-et-ensemble-caprice-émission-formule-diaz

Be sure not to miss this article published in Le Devoir! dave-st-pierre-frotte-sa-danse-a-la-musique-classique